Pete Erickson
PO Box 887
Fargo, ND 58107


Colt Model 1849, Cased Set B119

Price:  $3600.00

.31 call, #111904, 4 inch barrel, blue and case color finish, 1 piece walnut grips, all matching, silver washed back strap and trigger guard, powder flask is silver washed, brass unmarked bullet mold, blue velvet lining in case appears original, key with case


Condition: strong bore with scattered black powder oxidation, not much use, 70% barrel blue, gray cylinder with 100% scene, faded case color on frame and loading lever, excellent grips, 95% silver on back strap and trigger guard, case and lining in excellent condition, 90% silver on flask, wedge fits loose, excellent mechanically, excellent marks.

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