Pete Erickson
PO Box 887
Fargo, ND 58107


Harper's Ferry 1795-1816 Transition U.S. Musket B067

Price: $1900.00

.69 cal, NVSN, 44 1/4 inch barrel, bayonet lug on top of barrel, iron furniture, no serial number on barrel, "OHIO"/oval US/oval eagle head on barrel, iron pan integral with lock plate, trigger guard bow integral with trigger guard plate, sling swivel lug is separate piece, flat beveled lock plate, button tipped iron ram rod, 3 band walnut stock, lock dated 1816.


Condition: bore has black powder oxidation the length of the barrel, iron is mottled brown to silver, stock is patched under lock plate, very good marks, very good mechanically.

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