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J P Lower Philadelphia Percussion Rifle GT123

Price: $2450

This is a rare example of a Lower rifle from the 1850's to early 1860's, prior to his move to Denver in 1868.

.40 cal, NVSN, 36 1/2 inch octagon barrel, maple stock, brass trigger guard, butt plate, toe plate, cap box, nose cap and ram rod thimbles.  Double set triggers.

the bore retains excellent rifling with scattered spots of oxidation. The top barrel flat is stamped "Lower, Philadelphia" and shows a star after the name and before and after the rear sight.  Toe plate shows a period repair.  the drum and percussion nipple are replacements.  The barrel is mottled brown with thinning areas showing silver color.  The lock is not marked and shows light pitting overall.  The stock has scattered handling marks.  Brass components are a light mustard color, Mechanically very good.  

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